Sunday, March 29, 2009

Best keywords for financial blogs.

Blogging is really interesting. It gives you more that one thing. As a benefit from blogging you can consider interaction with other bloggers, finding out interesting people in blogosphere, using latest online marketing tools and program. Another thing which I discovered lately is monitoring trends. You can use Google Analytics (my favorite) to monitor keywords.

And let's go back to major focus of my blog Stockweb which is world of finance and stock markets. In August 2008 I wrote similar article as I do today. It was just before acceleration of free fall on stock markets. At that time top keywords in search enginges were total writedowns, financial writedowns, short ETF, How to invest in gold.

But now situation has been changed and the best keywords are best investments, how to invest in oil, stock market bottom, chinese ETF, oil ETF. It seems like that visitors of blogs are looking for bull run.


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