Sunday, August 16, 2009

Short interest

Stock markets are still in big rally since March 09. Some broad indices like S&P500 or Dow Jones are around 40% up. Many traders and analyst are calling current market condition as a overbought and short interest indicator is closely watched.

Short interest tells us total number of shares which are being sold short and are not yet covered.

Statistics about short interest are published twice a month. In mid of each month and also at the end. You can follow short interest for selected stocks. It presents monthly records for past year. Or summarized statistics at Wall Street Journal. It provides summarized report with short interest ratio at NYSE and Nasdaq with largest increases and decreases.

Another useful investing tool is to have short interest in chart and to see relation with stock price. For me the best source for short interest in chart is at AOL money&finance. For scanning stocks based on short interest and monthly change. I also recommend Short interest filter screener provided by Schaeffer's investment research.


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