Saturday, July 4, 2009

P/E ratio for global stock indexes.

I have written already several posts on the topic of fundamental screeners, historical fundamental data for stocks or global equity markets. Here you can have a look to some of my articles with interesting tools.

Historical P/E ratio displayed at charts for US stocks. Provided by Bar Chart website.

Fundamental stock screeners US stocks and ADR, ETF, CEF. Available indicators like P/E, P/BV, Dividend yield, P/Sales, P/Cash flow and others.

Fundamental historical data. This articles includes 3 interesting web sources for fundamental historical data.

Until the end of 2008 there was nice functionality at official Standard and Poor's website where you could see main fundamental indicators for all global stock markets. Unfortunately this function has been switched off and I was researching another source. P/E ratio for global equities indexes you can retrieve at Finacial Times official website at World Equities section. There is so called equity tables in print. You simply choose "Ratios - Yield & P/E by country".


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