Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Commodity investing with ETF.

Commodity index The Reuters / Jefferies CRB, a global commodities benchmark is tracking 19 kinds of commodities, which are mainly traded in the U.S. This index surpassed the performance of index S&P500 this year, 10.24% vs. 3,16%.

The recent rally in commodities has been pushed by the weakening dollar, as well as increasing confidence in the economy recovery. These facts clearly resulted in increased demand and higher prices for commodity contracts.

Top ten best performing commodities included in CRB index are calculated from the beginning of 2009 to 3.6.09 (YTD). Commodities are linked with respective ETF.

1. Gasoline (unleaded Gas) 79.06%. U.S. Gasoline Fund ETF (UGA)

2. Copper 56.88%. Power Shares DB Base Metal ETF (DBB)

3. Oil 48.25%. Power Shares Dynamic Oil Shares ETF (PXJ)

4. Orange juice. Market Vectors Agribusiness (WTO)

5. Silver. iShares Silver Trust ETF (SLV)

6. Natural sugars. iPath DJ Sugar including (SGG)

7. Coffee. iPath DJ including Coffee (JO)

8. Soybeans. PowerShares DB Agriculture ETF (DBA)

9. Fuel oil. U.S. Heating Oil Fund ETF (UHN)

10. Nickel. iPath DJ Nickel Total Return ETF (JJN)


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