Sunday, April 19, 2009

Top Investors with investment outlook.

I have listed already two times some investment recommendations from top investor gurus Warren Buffett or George Soros but also investing strategy of Jim Rogers.

Today I bring you some summary from Kenneth Fisher and David Tice.

U.S. stock index S&P 500 may rise by up to 70% from its March's low. With this claim came billionaire Kenneth Fisher. Since 9th of March the index has increased by 28 percent. The largest five growth since 1938. The growth was largely driven by the financial sector. Fisher believes that the bear market corrections are not so great. He believes that the shares are the cheapest in several decades. Billionaire Kenneth Fisher believes that the index from March's low can grow around 60-70 % until March 2010.

Fisher recommends buying shares in emerging markets, shares of energy companies, mining, metals and technology titles. And stay away defensive titles.

His view is in contrast with the portfolio manager David Tice. David sees the current growth as correction. He expects the index to decline by 62%.


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