Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jim Rogers latest investment picks.

Last time I have provided you some investment recommendations from Warren Buffett, George Soros. Let's have a look to the areas of potential investing from the view of Jim Rogers. As other top investors, gurus George Soros and Marc Faber, Jim doesn't call bottom yet.

Jim Rogers has not been buying any equity shares since November 2008 when bought Chinese equities. But it is needed to say that this was very accurate bottom picking.

Last record from mid of March declares short equity position in JP Morgan (JPM). Their off-balance-sheet derivative positions are among the top three in the world.

There are still big opportunities in commodities. Crude oil has big bull run ahead. Because of depleting reserves and a lack of major field discoveries.

Perhaps favourite commodity pick is seen at soft commodities and agriculture as such.

About the currencies Jim still owns US dollars and predicts strengthening for the most of 2009.

Jim has travelled extensively around the world and has written some of the best investment books available for traders. His latest book is a Bull in China, a book about the Chinese stock market.


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