Friday, January 9, 2009

Education for investing.

New year has just started and it is right time when people take their resolution for coming year. As my blog is dedicated to finance and stock market I will talk only about resolutions related to this area.

Mostly investors put on their to-do-list: No trades without Stop Loss, trading more or less frequently. Another many resolution are for further education. Some investors decide to read more books or spend more time with education (paying for the top online degrees in finance) or training (coaching sessions, etc.). And for those who want to spend more time with education I would like to recommend one useful website.

Website INO offers very good source of information in static form but also many videos containing analysis and training. It is really good point for improving your investing skills.

Basically you have two version. You either choose free service and you get access to training videos and all static information like charting, news etc. Additionally you can subscribe yourself for free alert service notifying you about new analysis or video. For free alert subscription follow this link.

Another advanced part is paid and for quarterly or yearly subscription you get full access to database with training videos and analysis. This database is updated daily. What I like about INO is very friendly warranty. If you don't like the site or whatever you have the guarantee of 30 days for a complete refund.


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