Friday, January 9, 2009

Alternative investing - Looking for Climax.

Aside usual investing into the equities I am looking for investment which are at "Climax". My last pick was crude oil which I have mentioned in my last post Bullish on crude oil price. My long entry $36 became very successful trade. It is not about bottom fishing but searching investments where increase or decrease have accelerated.

My next item in watch-list is currency pair EUR/GBP. In terms of interest rates policy in 2008 ECB had been the least aggressive bank by cutting rates only 150 bp to 2,5%. Bank of England had slashed the rates by 350 bp. In 2009 I expect ECB to be more aggressive with interest rates policy.

Currency pair EUR/GBP has accelerated especially in the beginning of November almost to equal value. Last 12 months track shows appreciation of EUR around 30%.

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