Sunday, July 6, 2008

Scratchback - Top spots widget better than Pay pal donate button.

Today I've decided to try service provided by Scratchback on my StockWeb blog. Scratchback provides widget "Top spots" with places for external links. Widgets are with different graphics so you can really choose the one fitting to your template. There can be 5, 10, 15 of 20 spots for links.

My widget I implemented on very lucrative place (according to ads performance theory) on top left sidebar. OK, it is not really ads I would call this as a substitute for Pay Pal Donate button. But with ScratchBack you can offer some reciprocal service. Whoever donates can place link to own website. I've chosen settings that your link will be visible forever (if there are still empty spots in widget). So you pay once for permanent link.

The interesting is also that the last link is always at the first position. Any new spot purchased will "bump" former top spot down.

I set promotional price for spot for $8.

Except of some donations for you your blog or website you will get also some more traffic. Scratchback has for member sites directory which will lead more visitors to your site.


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