Saturday, July 5, 2008

High dividend stocks of S&P 500.

I run my fundamental stock screener searching stocks with the highest dividend yield. Report list only companies included in index S&P 500. Not surprisingly except one (GM) there are only financials and banks in top ten. The one of the highest yield was for financials compared to other sectors already before credit turmoils. And after deep fall we can see almost incredible yield over 30% for MBI.
I list below one more table. Just to show top 10 high dividend stocks purged from financials.

Top yielding stocks in S&P 500

Symbol Company Name Industry Yield
(MBI) MBIA Ord Shs Titleinsur 33.58
(ACAS) American Capital Strat. ClFundDebt 18.36
(RF) Regions Financial Corp StheastBnk 14.74
(KEY) Keycorp Ord Shs MonCentBnk 13.51
(BAC) Bank of America Ord Shs MonCentBnk 11.43
(CMA) Comerica Inc MidwestBnk 10.7
(WB) Wachovia Corp Ord Shs MonCentBnk 10.08
(HBAN) Huntington Ord Shs MidwestBnk 9.65
(MI) Marshal & Ilsley Ord Shs MidwestBnk 9.05

High dividend S&P 500 stocks (banks and financials excluded)

Symbol Company Name Industry Yield
(CZN) Citizens Comms Ord Shs TelecomDom 8.84
(Q) Qwest Communications Intl TelecomDom 8.51
(DDR) Developers Diversified Realty REITRetail 8.44
(WIN) Windstream Corp TelecomDom 8.3
(GCI) Gannett Co Inc PublshNews 8.16
(XL) XL Capital Class A Ord Shs PropInsure 7.65
(FNM) Fannie Mae Ord Shs Mtginv 7.46
(PFE) Pfizer Ord Shs MjrDrgManu 7.21
(RAI) Reynolds American Inc Cigarettes 7.19


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