Sunday, June 24, 2007

Certificate for SAP, BASF and Allianz

Certificate Raketen Express (ISIN DE 000 CB4 HVA 7) issued by Commerzbank offers opportunity to invest into a group of three german stocks (SAP, BASF, Allianz). I think it is the right time to buy this certificate.

One month ago I wrote article about SAP ( My entry point was at 34 EUR and nowadays current price is 38 EUR. I still belive this company. You know it lost a lot because of disappointing Q4. Even Warren Buffett doesn't care about history and don't forget that SAP is growing more than competitors. For such a growing stocks P/E 21 is very good.

Next one BASF is expected to increase profit due to new gas projects Russia and also due to aquisitions done in last year. Its P/E is 11.

Allianz bought minority stakes at AGF and Allianz Leben. P/E is 9.


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