Saturday, July 31, 2010

George Soros investments

Last time we provided insight in current Jim Rogers portfolio and investing strategy. Today let's review where another investment guru, George Soros, sees big potentials.

George Soros is completing negotiations to buy4% stake in Mumbai Stock Exchange (Bombay Stock Exchange). George, as well known believer in long-term growth of the Indian market, might have wanted more, but the rules prohibited him from having more than 5% share.

Soros Fund Management Company offers $ 40 million, making the whole of Asia's oldest stock exchange valued at equal to one billion. The trade is the latest in a series of investments in Indian stock and derivative markets.

Indian stock market is, unlike for example the U.S., only now opening arms to new technologies, which should attract additional liquidity, such as through the HFT (high-frequency trading).

In June, the fund Temasek from Singapore acquired 5% share in the competitive National Stock Exchange of India for about 145 million USD. In the first half of Caldwell Financial, or by Argonaut Private Equity bought shares in the Bombay Stock Exchange. Also Deutsche Börse is among shareholders since 2007.

In India, therefore, is and will be very lively. Bet on the Indian market seems to be more interesting.


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