Monday, May 12, 2008

International ETF in focus.

Recently I posted how international ETF stand in relation P/E to GDP (link to post). The most undervalued seemed to be emerging markets of BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China).

World markets had turned to negative on October and have started bear market which lasts already 6 months. But major fall happened at the beginning of year 2008. I run my screen for ETF to see the leaders and laggards on YTD basis. Her you have result.

ETF Ticker ROC %
Brazil (EWZ) 16.3
Mexico (EWW) 9.1
Canada (EWC) 6
Russia (RSX) 3.9
Australia (EWA) 2.2
Spain (EWP) 1.1
Japan (EWJ) -0.6
U.K. (EWU) -3
France (EWQ) -3.2
US (IVV) -3.5
Italy (EWI) -5.6
Germany (EWG) -5.9
S. Korea (EWY) -7.8
China (FXI) -10.4
Hong Kong (EWH) -12
India (INP) -28.1


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