Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Top performing stock markets in 2007.

Let's have a look at leading stock market indexes in 2007. Two hot emerging markets are missing among top 10. Commodities driven Lima Stock Exchange index IGBVL in Peru and Viet Nam Stock Exchange VN index. Especially Vietnamese index had nice bull run in 2006 since Vietnam entered World Trade Organization.
Winner for 2007 is China CSI 300 even thought early on spring 2007 there was global sell of triggered just by China. About Ukraine I wrote in previous post. Index is mainly composed of large caps compared to others indices in emerging markets. Main topics for Slovenian market were Euro adoption and government pension funds fuelling equity market. In Bangladesh investors were attracted by government pledge to sell state enterprises.

China CSI 300 index 179.75%
Ukranian PFTS index 135.41%
Slovenia total market 96.90%
Nigeria stock exchange 87.17%
Bangladesh DHAKA stock 86.19%
Croatia Zagreb crobex 80.84%
Brazil Bovespa stock index 72.44%
Istanbul ISE national 100 index 71.91%
African Mauritius stock exchange 70.00%
Bombay BSE sensex 30 index 65.23%


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