Sunday, February 3, 2008

Amazing Ukrainian stock index PFTS.

Despite of economic slowndown Ukrainian stock market index PFTS brought 135% gain at 2007. It is second best performing index after Chinese CSI 300. Outlook for 2008 is less optimistic and on average 30-40% gains are expected. The most promising sectors are metallurgical assets, energy and machine. On the other side financials are among laggards. Since 2004 market capitalization has risen 11-fold. Number of companies traded on stock market reached 335. Market could be fuelled by scheduled IPOs during 2008 escpecially large industrial groups like Metinvest, Interpipe and ISD Group.

From chart you can see that index PTFS survived January sell off very well.Risk for sustain growth could be slowing Russian economy. GDP growth in Russia for 2007 was 8% but outlook for 2008 is 6,4%.


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