Friday, May 15, 2009

Confidence in global economy is growing.

Confidence in the global economy is growing at the highest level over the past 19 months in response to mention central bankers in the features of economies and the recovery stress tests of banks in the U.S. to some extent reassure investors. This is based on latest Bloomberg research.

Bloomberg Professional Global Confidence Index rose in May to the value of 38.72 points compared with 21.20 points in April. It is the largest increase in the level of the index since the beginning of the survey in November 2007. Given that the number is below 50 points, it means pessimists still prevail over optimistic.

Fed Chief Bernanke, B. and ECB President Trichet are among the policy makers (makers of monetary policy), which signaled that a recession may have already weakened. While unemployment is still a record and maintain a trend of increase, the company gradually felt signs of increased production and a fall in stocks. This whole process has enabled the index MSCI World Index rise by 37% of its annual minimum in March.

Economists from companies in the Standard Chartered in Singapore (regular participants in research) expressed the hope that the world economy may have the worst behind and is also reflected in a major recovery in the stock markets. We need, however, more evident confirmation of the sustainability of the overall reorganization and if this happens, it will be a very slow process.

Research Bloomberg took place on 4 - 8.5.09 with more than 1300 users of the system. Just before the preceding overview of the U.S. Treasury Secretary Geithner said that the U.S. financial system is strong enough to support economic recovery, the ECB cut interest rates to the record level of 1% and in Japan we can see indicators showing a tailing off recession.

Data obtained between the U.S. index of participants shows that confidence in the world's largest economy rose to 34 points from the previous 23.90 points. Sentiment also improved in Japan (growth of confidence from 22.2 to 29.6 points) and Western Europe, reinforced from 23.7 to 14.2 points.
Progressive aggressive Fed actions to create conditions for a relatively long and arduous journey back to restore positive momentum in the markets and further improvement can be expected. The crisis in the autumn of last year was very serious.


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