Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Don't generalize CEE emerging markets.

I am fed up with generalization of emerging markets in Central and Eastern Europe. You can listen everyday on CNBC or read at Financial Times how bad thins are in CEE markets.
Completely wrong. Bad things are with CEE countries with high debt (Baltic countries, Hungary). It is not concerning Czech Republic or Poland.

It seems that many people understand that it is impossible to throw all countries into one bag. There is an indication that the forint depreciated significantly in the middle. On the market, according to the spreading fears that Hungary will need additional help from the International Monetary Fund.

You can see below that Czech crown appreciated against all currencies but mostly against Hungarian forint.

Exchange Rates 04.03.2009
EMU EUR 27.710 -0.876%
U.S. USD 22.076 -0.402%
Hungary HUF 8.935 -1.910%
Poland PLN 5.878 -0.424%
Romania RON 6.461 -0.646%


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