Saturday, January 24, 2009

Make money on Ebay.

Last week online seller Ebay (EBAY) has released earnings for Q4 08 and the company posted first revenue decline ever. Even double digit decline by 16% to $ 1,3 bln. Next week we have another scheduled online seller's earnings call. Amazon (AMZN) releases results on Thursday 29th of January. And there could be upside surprise as company called the best Christmas ever with ordered 6,3 mln items. Also in terms of internet searches Amazon has beaten Ebay. December visitors increase by 9,8% y-o-y for Amazon vs. drop by 2,5% for Ebay.

The picture above is from Adam Hewison video analysis. You can see full analysis for Ebay share price here. There is still not buy signal (shorts covering) with stocks plunging after disappointing quarter results.


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