Monday, October 27, 2008

The state of the market - Asian ETFs.

Last week I posted map of European ETFs with one year performance. There are some exception but on average ETFs are down more than 50%. Today let me show you state of Asian ETFs.

Major laggard is South Korea (EWY) with -69% followed by China (FXI), (PGJ), (GXC) India (INP) and Asia Pacific (PUA) with more than 60% down. As you can see at the picture here it is even worse than in Europe and it is broad based.

Among "leaders" mostly Japanese exchange traded funds are listed. Japan High Yield Equity (DNL) -25%, Japan small cap dividend ETF (DFJ) -33%, Japan small cap index ETF (SCJ) -35%. Here we can see offsetting equity downturn with Japanese Yen strengthening.


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