Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Free finance and business newsletters.

Newsletter is good tool how to be informed about the latest news or analysis. Sometimes I prefer to receive newsletter via email rather than subscribe rss feed into my rss readers. Especially when I want to receive updates into my mobile device. Newsletter is just pushed to my mobile email and immediately directly shown on my screen without accessing RSS reader.

Today I'd like to list some interesting newsletters which I've subscribed.

1. Market Commentary - This gives you general market update. You will receive 2 emails per day with morning and evening analysis. Service is free and available for all countries. In order to sign up you just simply enter your email address into "Free Report" at left side bar.

2. Trend Analysis - Very good newsletter. For your selected ticker you will receive 1 email daily about the trend for your chosen stock. You can request as much tickers as you wish. It is also free.

3. CFO newsletter - Are you looking for the latest corporate finance news and analysis. CFO offers free email alerts, webcasts, and newsletters with award-winning content. You will receive one email per day.

If you would like to find more newsletters you can try a link here. It has plenty of business or finance related newsletters, podcasts and webinars.


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