Monday, August 25, 2008

Media leader in Central and Eastern Europe.

It's already long time ago when I wrote post about particular stock from emerging European market which is also listed on US exchanges and easily available for global investors. Actually in Czech Republic on Prague Stock Exchange there is only one stock like this, CME - Central European Media (CETV). Company's stocks are also listed on NASDAQ. You can read my last analysis about CME.

If you look at the chart share performance is just amazing. But broad selling pressure has sent the price from all time high $126 to $77. The company released very good last quarter with revenue growth y-o-y 41%. And net income $67.6 has been almost doubled compared to year ago.

EPS $1.58 was well above analyst expectations $1.16.

Key drivers for success were unexpectedly strong performance on markets in Czech Republic, Romania and Croatia. And smaller currency losses due to the stabilization of USD against EUR.

My outlook for CME remains positive as all the key markets of their business (Central and Eastern Europe) show still strong economic growth. And together with USD rebound could positively impact strong earnings in following quarters. Current P/E valuation is 24 and earnings growth 95%. This makes very interesting discount with PEG valuation just 0.25.

Disclosure: Author doesn't own CETV shares or other investment products.


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