Monday, August 18, 2008

CPM ads for your feed - Adsense for Feed.

Already couple of months Google (GOOG) has been running Beta version of Adsense for Feed. But on Friday they started to offer this service to general public. Now the full portfolio of Adsense monetization includes ads for content, search, referrals and feed.

Google has been already offering feed ads via acquired Feedburner with FAN (Feedburner Ads Network). Now by centralized approach Google migrates all tools under one roof of Adsense account.

New Adsense for feed has ads based on CPM (cost per impression) and CPC (cost per click). In area of impression ads for feed there are not competitors (except Widget Bucks, but with product ads) and Google is the only one on the market.

Nevertheless Adsese for Feed officially has been launched last week there are still problems with registration. If your feed is hosted by Feedburner then it must be transferred back to Google. And this migration still causes some issues. Hopefully it will be fixed soon and we can enjoyed new great service.


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