Monday, July 28, 2008

Gold Spot and HUI index charts.

Gold spot has closed above the resistance line the high made in 1980. It has retested it successfully as a support line and also created a Pennant above it. Please note the prior move to the Pennant which looks like a straight line. This is one of the requirements of Flag and Pennants which are the strongest patterns in Technical Analysis. Once Gold breaks out of this Pennant, another move like a straight line would be expected. This will take Gold to $1300.

The same thing can be said about HUI index.

The HUI index has broken above the resistance line from 2006 and has retested it successfully.
It has also created a Pennant above this line. This is extremely Bullish for HUI index and the next target is 620 in this case.

Chris Narcouzi,

Chris has a BS in computer science. During College he instructed for two and a half years Calculus I trough Calculus IV, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Pascal Language, and Basic Plus Language. After graduation the college gave him an offer to teach these classes. Currently he is a Senior UNIX System Administrator and also a published Author on Technical Analysis. If you Google his last name, you will get a lot of hits on articles which you can download. His first article is On Support and Resistance Measuring Overhead Supply. He showed how to quantify support and resistance using volume.

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2 Responses to "Gold Spot and HUI index charts."

Anonymous said... July 28, 2008 at 9:17 PM

interesting chart.How did you determine target price $1300? For me it seems to me more like climaxing now.


Anonymous said... August 8, 2008 at 3:51 AM

looks like now HUI has broken down from a one year long head and shoulders top. Assumedly, gold will follow down. It's hard to believe, but i think the bull is done. wish you had been right though.