Friday, June 27, 2008

Affiliate program for finance and business blogs.

Today I'd like to introduce program which I've started to use on my blog recently. It is powered by INO. INO is the company which is already 15 years educating investors in trading. Among the top products are free instant analysis on selected stocks (received via email), markets commentary, traders chat rooms or INO TV.

Just to give you an idea about the product let's have a look for example at Market commentary feature. After accessing the page you can see latest headlines. At the left side bar you have box for free subscription. If you subscribe you'll receive daily for free only top market analysis via email.

Check it out here:

Another product is INO TV. After signing up you can receive 4 free trading seminars about investing.

Other tools worth to try:

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Bloggers interested in trying this affiliate program can use this link for signing up.

Note: I'd underline, this is not paid review as StockWeb never publishes paid reviews. This is recommendation for site that I found as a useful source.


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