Monday, March 17, 2008

Is there bull market ahead?

To my previous post. Nevertheless looking at current market I am becoming more and more bullish. Major indices are well of its latest high from October 2007. If this was entering point for bear market we are already 5 months in. FED has adjusted interest rates significantly and tomorrow we can see another sharp cut (0.75 or even 1%). We just enter quarter in which first cuts could be reflected in corporate earnings and activities.

Market mood is very bad due to financials. But on the other side what worse could come.
Financials will report next losses due to writedowns? ...They will, No surprise.
US economy will enter recession? ...Not official statement yet and markets already gave up more that 2 years gains. In addition everyone expects recession, again No surprise.

I think bottom is found where the mood is at worst level and in my view we are close to that.


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