Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Global fixed income with high yield.

ETF market is booming. On the other side the old kind of exchange traded mutual funds are loosing vogue. Currently you can find plenty of ETF specialty like global equity, sector's niche, currency ETF and also with fixed income. But the offer for fixed income ETF is quite limited. Mostly focused only on US government, corporate and municipal bonds. Investors looking for global exposure can choose among closed end funds. Except US and other major economies you can find also very exotic investment. I've listed below the highest yielding CEF. Majority of them are keeping bonds from emerging markets like Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Mexico, Eastern Europe. High yield is compensated by lower rating than US bonds are having.

(FHO)First Trust Strategic High Income FundFirst Trust Advisors LP16.36%
(HYF)Managed High Yield Plus Fund, Inc.UBS Global Asset Management13.11%
(MGB)Morgan Stanley Global Opportunity Bond FundMorgan Stanley Institutional12.85%
(HNW)Pioneer Diversified High Income TrustPioneer Investments11.49%
(PHT)Pioneer High Income TrustPioneer Investments11.11%
(HIX)Western Asset High Income FundLegg Mason10.37%
(JGT)Nuveen Multi-Currency Short-Term GovernmentNuveen Investments10.33%
(EMD)Western Asset Emerging Markets Income FundLegg Mason9.52%
(MIN)MFS Intermediate Income TrustMFS9.43%
(JGG)Nuveen Global Government Enhanced Income FundNuveen Investments9.26%
(ESD)Western Asset Emerging Markets Debt FundLegg Mason9.22%
(KST)DWS Strategic Income FundDWS Scudder9.19%
(FAM)First Trust/Aberdeen Global OpportunityFirst Trust Advisors LP9.08%
(KMM)DWS Multi-Market Income TrustDWS Scudder9.01%


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