Tuesday, November 13, 2007

US markets boost. Who is leading gains?

Markets are boosting mainly supported by Goldman Sachs announcement. Company doesn't expect big losses due to subprime. Also good earnings came on the street. Which industries are leading gains and which are laggards? Surprisingly financials are not on top.

Leaders in Price Performance (Intraday)
Recreational Goods, Other +12.56%
Surety & Title Insurance +9.37%
Nonmetallic Mineral Mining +9.08%
Personal Computers +8.33%
Technical & System Software +7.58%
Internet Service Providers +7.09%
Major Airlines +6.64%
Jewelry Stores +6.38%
Long Distance Carriers +6.07%
Foreign Regional Banks +6.02%

Laggards in Price Performance (Intraday)
Building Materials Wholesale -2.39%
Long-Term Care Facilities -1.13%
Restaurants -0.45%
Home Health Care -0.29%
Medical Equipment Wholesale -0.25%
Drugs - Generic -0.23%
Diversified Utilities -0.21%
Research Services -0.09%
Oil & Gas Pipelines +0.01%
Biotechnology +0.03%


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