Monday, November 26, 2007

Traders are blogging about stocks.

Two of my most respectable bloggers are having different view on current situation. Stock markets are after or maybe still in sell off. We are asking now is it right time to buy cheap stocks or exit long position as bear market is coming.
Well, Optionpundit is mentioning on his blog about crossing bellow technical support for major US indices. Russell 2000 crossed below, Dow Jones Industrial Average only slightly bellow 12800 points. Optionpundit announced beginning of bear market last week.
On the other side Denarii posted today quite bullish forecast. He is predicting multi week bounce.
Me personally, I still believe in bull market. But watching closely support like 12800 points for DJIA. Deeper crossing could trigger psychological selling.

You can find links for Denarii and Optionpundit blogs in my blogroll section.


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