Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Issues - Developer Group IPO VGP.

Today we've received official announcement about new developer group VGP going IPO sometimes around 7th December this year. It is dual listing at Czech Stock Exchange and Brussels Stock Exchange (Euronext Brussels). VGP would like to gain 50 millions EUR. Company business is similar to already listed developer groups ORCO and ECM. But VGP is doing business mainly in industrial properties.

Well, is it right time to go IPO? ORCO and ECM lost a lot during this year mainly because of negative worldwide sentiment. Also last issue of securities (used car seller AAA) is consider as a unsuccessful.

We, in Prague Stock Exchange, are still far away from stock exchange in Poland in terms of IPOs. But this year is quite active. Till the end of year we can see 2 more IPO. Coal mining company OKD, and first listed software company ICZ.


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