Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Expensive Big Mac in Czech Republic.

Based on Big Mac index McDonald's product is more expensive in Czech Republic than in USA. It happens first time in history. Major affect has weakening US$ and as well as strengthening Czech Koruna (CZK). Czech currency is gaining also against strong EURO. Against two major world currency we can see all time high.
Nevertheless Czech salaries are far behind USA. McDonald's worker is getting 3 times more than Czech one.

See below Big Mac prices in different countries (in US$).

USA 3,41
China 1,48
Thailand 1,96
Russia 2,12
Japan 2,52
Argentina 2,61
Mexico 2,67
Poland 2,78
Australia 3,15
South Korea 3,20
Slovakia 3,25
Czech Rep 3,45
Hungary 3,47
New Zealand 3,53
Turkey 3,96
Canada 4,13
Great Britain 4,16
Eurozone 4,49
Sweden 5,22
Denmark 5,46
Switzerland 5,61
Norway 7,52
Island 7,81


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