Saturday, September 22, 2007

Retrospection for last 2 IPO in Czech Republic.

Developer group ECM gained 60 mil. from IPO. First day trading closed 12% higher (CZK 1471) above issue price. Now, after 10 months, market price is 1650 CZK hitted by worldwide negative sentiment in sector. Shares reached all-time-high (CZK 2050) on April.

Textile producer Pegas has entered Czech stock market shortly after ECM and with IPO revenue 49 mil. EUR. Shares closed first day 6% higher at CZK 784. Current market price is CZK 750 with all-time-high also on April (CZK 820).

Both went public with small issue value as IPO AAA Auto did on Friday. Let's see first trading on Monday...


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