Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Interest rate puzzle revealed.

FED Fund rate and discount rate down by .50% !!! With commentary that future action will be dependent on economic data and general outlook. Now we can see this cut as a fuel mainly for sectors, laggards last days like financial, lenders, home builders.
Before today's announcement I closed all shorts and I'm going to pick some long position tomorrow in pre-market.

Look at industries: leaders and laggards

Steel & Iron +6.70%
Industrial Metals & Minerals +5.98%
Surety & Title Insurance +5.89%
Cement +5.70%
Home Furnishing Stores +5.55%
Foreign Money Center Banks +5.47%
Building Materials Wholesale +5.46%

Manufactured Housing -1.55%
Computer Based Systems -0.40%
Meat Products -0.40%
Long Distance Carriers +0.10%
Aerospace/Defense - Major Diversified +0.14%
Processing Systems & Products +0.45%


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