Thursday, August 30, 2007

Getting exposure from Hungarian stocks outside Hungary with ADR.

Just now Hungary is my favourite stock market in Central Europe. Index HTX was pushed down by government activities and also by worldwide negative sentiment. It has the best PE valuation in region. Today I looked at possible Hungarian investments via ADR traded outside of country.

Magyar Telekom (NYSE: MTA). Company operating in fixed line and mobile telecommunication segment. Doing also business internationally in Montenegro and Macedonia. High dividend 8% is paid regularly last 10 years.

Oil and gas enterprise MOL (XETRA: MOGA). Except XETRA you can find also as a Pink sheet stock. Main activities exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas.

I am mentioning also Settle based company Hungarian Telephone and Cable Corp. (AMEX: HTC). Because their business is active in Hungary. Last Q revenues up 8% but earnings negative.

Tiszai Vegyj Kombinat (LSE: TVKD). Investors trading at London Stock Exchange can get exposure from Petrochemical company producing low and high density polyethylene grades (LDPE, HDPE), homo polymer etc. Shares brought nice performance within last 52 weeks.


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