Saturday, May 12, 2007

New czech certificates

Starting from May 14, 2007 Prague Stock Exchange will launch trading with ten new investment certificates. Issuer of those certificates is Raiffeisen Centrobank AG. Investment certificates will be traded on Official Free Market and Raiffeisenbank.

S-BOX DIMAXAT0000A04KP4indexReal Estate Index
ŽELEZNÁ RUDA TLAT0000A04E86turbo longIronstone
CECE BANKING TLA0000A03E87turbo longBanks of Eastern Europe
CECE OIL GAS TLAT0000A03EC7turbo longOil and Gas of Eastern Europe
CECE TELECOM TLAT0000A03EE3turbo longTelecomunications of Eastern Europe
ROTX TLAT0000A04WA1turbo longRomanian Index
SETX TLAT0000A04WF0turbo longIndex of South-East Europe
CECE TSAT0000A01591turbo shortIndex of Eastern Europe
CECE TLAT0000A02961turbo longIndex of Eastern Europe
CTX TSAT0000A04WQ7turbo shortCzech stocks

It's nice puzzle to my trading activities as I'm focused on Eastern Europe. I'm a little bit afraid of spread for these certificates.


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